Illustrator, may 2010 — present
Polandria (publishing house), St. Petersburg, Russia

Art-manager, october 2007 — present
MPSS (design agency), St. Petersburg, Russia

Graphic Designer, april 2005 – june 2009
Plus Mobile (mobile television), St. Petersburg, Russia
Design, flash animation

Designer, october 2004 – may 2005
Advecon (design agency), St. Petersburg, Russia
web-design, developed and created advertisement
posters, calendars, postcards etc.

Graphic Designer, march 2003 - september 2003
Castle Rock (music data portal), St. Petersburg, Russia
web-design, flash animation, music soundtracks

Graphic Designer, august - october 2003
Souvenir-Center (design agency), Moscow, Russia
Developed and created advertisement posters,
calendars, postcards etc.

Graphic Designer, 2002-2003
Gameloft, Paris, France
Developed and created bitmap games and images
for cellular phones

Graphic Designer and Illustrator, July 2000 - present
Vremya Press Publishing House, Moscow, Russia
Responsibilities include developing layout
and creating illustrations for children's books,
from design conception to final production.

Graphic Designer, February 1, 1999 - present
Amphora Publishing House, St. Petersburg, Russia
Developed book cover designs for various book series.

Illustrator and Graphic Designer, 1996 - 1999
Azbuka Publishing House, St. Petersburg, Russia
Designed book covers, logos, advertisement posters,
and games for the Department of Russian Fantasy.

Graphic Designer, 1990-1996
Russian-German Music, Leningrad Record Factory, St. Petersburg, Russia
Designed record and audio cassette covers.

Editor-in-Chief, 1988-1990
Hands Up! Music Newspaper, Vyatka, Russia
Responsible for writing, collecting and editing articles,
and for layout development.

Designer, 1985-1988Vykhod Newspaper, Vyatka, Russia
Developed the layout, created illustrations, headlines,
and comics.

Stage Designer Assistant, 1983-1985Children's Theatre, Vyatka, Russia
Assisted in designing and building stage decorations.


Graphic Designer, 1995 -present
Website and logo design for various companies. Creating cartoons
and comics for printed press.

OECD, Paris (2000),
Symposion, Paris(1999),
Anglia Bookshop, St. Petersburg, Russia (1999)

Kirov Art School, Vyatka, Russia, 1979-1983
Diploma in Fine Arts

Scuola Internazionale di Comics, Florence, Italy, 2013-2014
Diploma in Fine Arts (comics)


Bilingual Russian-English; intermediate French and Italian

Multimedia: Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator,
Dreamweaver; CorelDraw; Adobe Audition


Russia, Baltic States, Germany, France,
Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Italy